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OHS 68 Photo Gallery

Orem High Golden Tigers

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OHS 68 Photo Gallery


The OHS 68 Photo Gallery is temporarily out of order. It will be back online in a few days.

Thanks, Derrell


Items of Interest


Please submit a short summary of what you have been doing over the last 40+ years. Also, please submit a 1968 era picture and a more current picture.

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OHS Fight Song

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Orem High Fight Song

Roar for Orem High.
Our team is ready for the fray.
Roar your battle cry.
The blue and gold will win today.
So score for OHS.
Forever fight for victory.
Our glorious banner we unfurl.
For every boy and every girl,
We sing our pledge of loyalty.
So Tigers roar for Orem, roar for Orem, go OHS.

News Blurbs

The class of 1968 held a special 42nd year reunion. This was the last chance for most of us to see the ol' building, spend time with classmates and catch up on old times with old and new friends.

Final demolition of Orem High School will commence.


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OHS 68 Photo Gallery

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